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In A Perfect World (Wendy Waldman - Jud J. Friedman - Alan Rich)

If My Heart Had Wings Preciosa canción de Wendy Waldman, incluida en el álbum If My Heart Had Wings, de Melissa Manchester. También la cantó Lee Lessack (una versión impresionante). Una canción simple pero llena de significados profundos.

In a Perfect World

We were meant to be
You were put on earth for me
I'll know that 'til my dying day
but somehow life got in the way

Where did it all go wrong?
We couldn't survive the winter storm
now our lives are lying broken and bare

Somewhere there must be a place
for dreams that should have been
where a love like ours
can stand the test of time
in a perfect world
you would still be mine.

Love should have been enough
but it wasn't when the waters got rough
the tide swept you out of my arms


Every night I ask why but I get no reply
there are no answers in the moonlight
no comfort in the moonlight

Sometimes it seems so unfair like the universe
just doesn't care that that it could tear our two souls apart


Somewhere there must be a place
Oh there's got to be a place, a place
A perfect world where someday you'll be mine

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